RYDE Technologies (Singapore)

RYDE is a social enterprise that promotes carpooling. RYDE aims to provide a sustainable alternative for the daily commute to solve the congestion and pollution issues facing all cities today.


RYDE - The Journey

"RYDE is about the journey, not the destination. Every trip is like an adventure, you never know who you will be sharing a ride with."

Director / Editor / Producer : Goh Ansen
Director of Photography : Cliff Choy

RYDE - Connection

Many beautiful stories are told everyday. They touch us and remind us of the goodness in life.

What is your RYDE story?

Director / Editor / Producer :  Goh Ansen
Director of Photography / Editor : Cliff Choy
Production Assistant / Gaffer : Ken Ng

RYDE x Saveur: Free Pasta

Director / Producer: Celeste Lee
Director of Photography / Editor: Goh Ansen