I was part of Grab’s Public Relations team as a Regional Content Producer from 2017 to 2019. Here are some of my works during my time there.


#GrabForYou is a campaign that showcases personal use cases of Grab through featuring emotive and heartwarming stories.

I was challenged to help improve Grab's brand perception as a brand that understands and caters to the different needs of its users and it makes a difference in people’s everyday lives, no matter how small that difference is.

Grab For You #1: Sze Ling; Navigating independently without limitations.

At Grab, we strive to make a difference to our community. This is why we make products like our in-app accessibility features. Watch how Sze Ling, a visually impaired passenger, makes her way around Singapore with our app, one journey at a time. #GrabForYou

Grab For You #2: Masrinah; Managing work and family with ease.

At Grab, we strive to make a difference to our community. Watch how we help Masrinah, a working mother of three, with her children's transportation needs when things get busy. #GrabForYou

Grab For You #3: Ben & Elaine; Get innovative with Grab

Wedding expenses can add up to quite a bit. Watch how Ben and Elaine get innovative with GrabPay Credits to help manage their budget. #GrabForYou





To celebrate Grab's 1 Billionth ride feat, I was tasked to drive a blog piece using data. The final piece was then localised over 7 different markets.